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Work in Progress

This page is a work in progress and will have pictures of each statue along with a story about the statue.

It will be updated as I get the pictures and the stories.

Thank you for your patience.

Angels at Play

One of the very first statue and water features that was added to the garden.  A very generous donor in memory of her daughter.

Resting on a Leaf

Installed in 2017, one of the first statues installed.

This statue was donated by Bronzeman Statues.

Ring Around the Rosie

Chloe and her Ukulele

In memory of the very talented Chloe Louise Workman,

a daughter, sister, friend, and classmate 

that was lost way too soon.  A young talented woman that will forever be in our hearts.

Southeast Nebraska Cancer Memorial Garden

A place of tranquility and beauty offering comfort, peace, and hope to all who visit.

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