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Welcome To Our Garden

The Humboldt Garden Club started planning this project in the Fall of 2016.  

As a tribute to all those fighting or that lost their painful battle to cancer or other illness.

A garden has been proven to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and improve your mood.

Our Story

Many years ago a dear friend to the community, Bill Lausman of Kentucky started the quest to create this cancer garden.  At that time the community was not ready for the monumental task of planting a garden of such great importance.  The Garden was set aside always in the back of a few people's minds but never forgotten.  After some wake up calls with cancer in our community, in January 2017, a community member was given a prod by divine intervention and the dream was once again brought to the for front of the community.  The dream provided a new landscape idea, brought together some locals creating the Humboldt Garden Club, spoke with the originator of the idea, then off to the City for approval.  February of 2017 began the clean-up of an open grass area of the park that was edged in tall grasses, scrub trees and trash.  Saws, shovels, skid steers and strong backs began the process and continues yet today.  Many volunteers both young and old, lots of donations from as far away as Kentucky and California have helped in creating this peaceful garden.  All have played a very important role in the progress of the garden.  Some days were hot and long, but we all believe that a light brighter than any of us has been guiding us on this adventure!



To schedule a garden tour, wedding, or any other event please contact Sally Stalder or Jan Wilhelm at or call/text 402-862-5761.

Brick Forms are available under the Forms Tab.

Southeast Nebraska Cancer Memorial Garden

A place of tranquility and beauty offering comfort, peace, and hope to all who visit.

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